Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day is no longer a day of REST

Even though I was off work, Labor Day turned out to be a very BUSY day. I brought all three of my machines out of my sewing room and invaded the dining room as if I was a alien exploring a new planet. I also setup shop with the laptop and all of my unfinished projects around me. I still had room for the one machine that remained in my sewing area as well as enough room for two friends...since it was such a rainy day, I didnt actually invite the friends but they were there in spirit.....& on facebook cheering me on. Well, to keep things short and sweet, I just dropped in to say Hello....Sew what If I spent the entire day inside due to rain....keep me focused and working on my many unfinished projects.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

T Shirt passion

Suppose to wait until class to do anything further to my T shirts...but I AM TOO EXCITED! Of course I have gone out on a limb and started working on my T shirt quilt did I say on my own...without further instruction which is kinda like my work self but not my home self. However...In my defense...I want to finish this thing so I can move onto other projects so I must keep going...forward progress...isnt that what it's all about? Thats my excuse, anyways. So what if I am the only person who doesnt listen to the teacher...unless I screw up something ROYAL, I will be the head of the class..or at least ahead of the class.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

T Shirt Quilt

Started my T shirt quilt this week. I am very excited. So far I have 4 squares cut and interfaced. The first T shirt quilt will be a Christian theme with shirts I plucked from thrift stores around is special which belonged to my honee. I hope to share more pics soon. Sew what if I cannot wear them anymore, at least they will keep me comfy warm while watchin the boob tube!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day sew so far

Memorial Day weekend so far as been a no sew zone. Friday night we started moving stuff out of the music room. On Saturday morning, what was left got moved into the living room and our bedroom. We started the day off We removed a portion of the plaster ceiling in the room and purchased material to create a drop ceiling out of drywall. I learned alot. Within that same day we had the ceiling up, tape and compound filling the spaces between the drywall and over the nail holes. On Sunday morning, Josh got up early and added another coat. Next step, let it dry....sand...and paint. We are going to also paint the room while we have all of the stuff out of it. Next it will be turned into a bedroom for Dominic. I think he is excited to get his own room...We hope that will stop some of the bickering between him and his younger brother. Sew what If I havent been able to sew as single item this weekend, If it leads to one less brotherly fight its worth it.....right? Right? Come one tell me I am right. LOL Happy Memorial Day.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Today May the 6th...what a glorious day for DEMO...and I am not talking about a demonstration of my latest crafy creation. I am referring to our bathroom. Today bathfitters has arrived to install our new tub and shower...EXCITEMENT that is until I had to actually go get the cashiers check (LOL). We are def paying for convienience of a one day job as well as the expertise of a specialist, however with us having only one bathroom in the house...what choice do we have? During the demo, I am planning to try to enjoy my day as the worries of the home improvement project now falls on anothers shoulders...ahh bliss. {record scratch} ......back to reality!

Sew what if Im confined to my sewing room & cannot go pee for the next 6-7 hours without having to drive a few blocks to the nearest fast food restauraunt. I should still be able to get a little sewing done since I was able to be off work for the day...thanks Bathfitters!

Pics to come soon!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fabric is bliss

Enjoyed the biggest part of my day yesterday searching for T-shirts for my T shirt quilt and buying fabric. Josh stayed home with the boys and let me enjoy the free time shopping (swoon, what a great guy). I promise to post more pics of projects soon, but here are a few of my purchases.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April Showers

Mid April is here. Where does the time go? This weekend I enjoyed the KQMG Sew in. We had an awesome location (thnx to Lori)! I got a few blocks finished and several fabrics cut to start on. Congrats to Rosalind who won the Fat Quarter game, I bet she will be sewing her little heart out with all those pretty fabrics.

I hope to get some more bags and purses complete this month. I am planning a couple of quilts but I think I am going to have to order my fabric online. Cant seem to find what I am looking for around town. I want to start on a Kindle clutch and a IPAD cozy. I also saw the cutest IRON COZY (Robin of KMQG)...

Spring has sprung, bright days ahead & "sew what if I cant" spend all my days sewing...I'll enjoy the days that I can! xoxo

Friday, April 1, 2011

It'sa Mario

I plan to make my sweetheart a quilt that will melt his heart. One of his favorite games from his childhood is Mario I am planning him a Mario quilt. I actually showed him my concept and he really liked it. He even sat down and decided on colors and added color to my 3D inspired concept. Pretty excited. Wish me luck

Monday, March 14, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Wow, what a wonderful weekend I just finished enjoying. Saturday I got up early and went downtown for my first meeting with KMQG (Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild)-and I must say "I am so glad I joined". What a wonderful group of ladies. We had our planning meeting to establish events for the upcoming year. How cool.... We scheduled some swaps, some sew in's, a wonderful time was had by all. Leaving Market Square that morning was delightful, the sun was out (it was chilly) but beautiful day. Walked back to the parking garage and set out to do some shop hops. I ended up going to Dizzy Divas which I try to frequent often. Picked up a coordinating fabric which will go great with a fabric I had gotten there a few months ago....can you say "Super EXCITED". I then was off to Mamaws Thimble which was my first time visiting and I was pleasently surprised. It was a big shop, tons of fabric. They had about 10 bins of rolled fat quarters for 1.50 each, but I didnt find anything I liked. I did end up getting 4 fat quarters for regular price (2.50) and then a jelly roll...also picked up two charm packs from Moda (Giddy and Freebird).

I came home that day and organized all my notes from the meeting and put my fabric away. My boys were headed out to play basketball so I decided to tidy up my sewing room. Then my honee came home from work and I spent a little time with him.

Sunday--relaxed, hung out in my jammies, surfed the internet and planned out about 3 quilts that I plan on doing asap. One is for my boyfriend, I showed him my design and he loved it. I did have to borrow some of the idea but only because I am not an artist and it was taking me forever on my own to come up with the correct proportions. Cannot wait til I get them started and finished for you all to see.

The best part of this weekend was that I am off work Monday and Tuesday...Yeah now if we can only get mother nature to stop with the gloomy rain clouds and show me that sunshine. Sew what if I cannot see the sun...its still going to be a lovely day. Happy Sewing!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pre-cut Fabric

I have discovered a new love...the love of pre-cut fabric. I cannot tell you the joy that I encountered when I made my first purse using charms. For now, enough said. LOL

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New and exciting things

I have started several new projects and am very excited about new items that I am making. I am very excited to announce that I was accepted to KMQG.