Friday, May 6, 2011


Today May the 6th...what a glorious day for DEMO...and I am not talking about a demonstration of my latest crafy creation. I am referring to our bathroom. Today bathfitters has arrived to install our new tub and shower...EXCITEMENT that is until I had to actually go get the cashiers check (LOL). We are def paying for convienience of a one day job as well as the expertise of a specialist, however with us having only one bathroom in the house...what choice do we have? During the demo, I am planning to try to enjoy my day as the worries of the home improvement project now falls on anothers shoulders...ahh bliss. {record scratch} ......back to reality!

Sew what if Im confined to my sewing room & cannot go pee for the next 6-7 hours without having to drive a few blocks to the nearest fast food restauraunt. I should still be able to get a little sewing done since I was able to be off work for the day...thanks Bathfitters!

Pics to come soon!

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