Saturday, January 19, 2013


Enjoy swaps? Participate in several yearly? What's your favorite? I don't join in many swaps, but one has got me captivated. I am a sucker for totes, pouches, purses, etc. The PLPS (Pretty Little Pouch Swap) found on Flickr currently in its 6th round, I have truly enjoyed so much. I am not at all interested in what I see out there in most swaps, I say most becuase I obviously havent seen them all. Some swaps are too traditional, others swap items too often. Im not interested in having a swap event every month, even every other month, to me that would get old FAST! However I love that almost everyone in this swap is very MODERN and very creative. I love the mosaics, the fabric, and the time that seems to be put into the timing of the swap as well as the members of the group and their abilities. Dont be afraid if you are new to sewing. They have different skill levels to choose from so that you dont have to feel intimidated with the strong skills of other sewers. It is a really fun swap, so if you haven't checked it out so. Sew What if you are a beginner, everyone has to start somewhere.