Sunday, April 10, 2011

April Showers

Mid April is here. Where does the time go? This weekend I enjoyed the KQMG Sew in. We had an awesome location (thnx to Lori)! I got a few blocks finished and several fabrics cut to start on. Congrats to Rosalind who won the Fat Quarter game, I bet she will be sewing her little heart out with all those pretty fabrics.

I hope to get some more bags and purses complete this month. I am planning a couple of quilts but I think I am going to have to order my fabric online. Cant seem to find what I am looking for around town. I want to start on a Kindle clutch and a IPAD cozy. I also saw the cutest IRON COZY (Robin of KMQG)...

Spring has sprung, bright days ahead & "sew what if I cant" spend all my days sewing...I'll enjoy the days that I can! xoxo

Friday, April 1, 2011

It'sa Mario

I plan to make my sweetheart a quilt that will melt his heart. One of his favorite games from his childhood is Mario I am planning him a Mario quilt. I actually showed him my concept and he really liked it. He even sat down and decided on colors and added color to my 3D inspired concept. Pretty excited. Wish me luck