Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day sew so far

Memorial Day weekend so far as been a no sew zone. Friday night we started moving stuff out of the music room. On Saturday morning, what was left got moved into the living room and our bedroom. We started the day off We removed a portion of the plaster ceiling in the room and purchased material to create a drop ceiling out of drywall. I learned alot. Within that same day we had the ceiling up, tape and compound filling the spaces between the drywall and over the nail holes. On Sunday morning, Josh got up early and added another coat. Next step, let it dry....sand...and paint. We are going to also paint the room while we have all of the stuff out of it. Next it will be turned into a bedroom for Dominic. I think he is excited to get his own room...We hope that will stop some of the bickering between him and his younger brother. Sew what If I havent been able to sew as single item this weekend, If it leads to one less brotherly fight its worth it.....right? Right? Come one tell me I am right. LOL Happy Memorial Day.

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