Monday, March 14, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Wow, what a wonderful weekend I just finished enjoying. Saturday I got up early and went downtown for my first meeting with KMQG (Knoxville Modern Quilt Guild)-and I must say "I am so glad I joined". What a wonderful group of ladies. We had our planning meeting to establish events for the upcoming year. How cool.... We scheduled some swaps, some sew in's, a wonderful time was had by all. Leaving Market Square that morning was delightful, the sun was out (it was chilly) but beautiful day. Walked back to the parking garage and set out to do some shop hops. I ended up going to Dizzy Divas which I try to frequent often. Picked up a coordinating fabric which will go great with a fabric I had gotten there a few months ago....can you say "Super EXCITED". I then was off to Mamaws Thimble which was my first time visiting and I was pleasently surprised. It was a big shop, tons of fabric. They had about 10 bins of rolled fat quarters for 1.50 each, but I didnt find anything I liked. I did end up getting 4 fat quarters for regular price (2.50) and then a jelly roll...also picked up two charm packs from Moda (Giddy and Freebird).

I came home that day and organized all my notes from the meeting and put my fabric away. My boys were headed out to play basketball so I decided to tidy up my sewing room. Then my honee came home from work and I spent a little time with him.

Sunday--relaxed, hung out in my jammies, surfed the internet and planned out about 3 quilts that I plan on doing asap. One is for my boyfriend, I showed him my design and he loved it. I did have to borrow some of the idea but only because I am not an artist and it was taking me forever on my own to come up with the correct proportions. Cannot wait til I get them started and finished for you all to see.

The best part of this weekend was that I am off work Monday and Tuesday...Yeah now if we can only get mother nature to stop with the gloomy rain clouds and show me that sunshine. Sew what if I cannot see the sun...its still going to be a lovely day. Happy Sewing!

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