Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Adventures...wide open spaces

Now that I have my sewing room all together, and I seem to be adding new stuff all the time....I guess theres nothing left to do except make some crafts. I have some pictures of a few things to add that I have made. I started making keychains& I really love them. I have also been making hairbows. I am taking a few classes in to make a professional tote (not sure what makes one professional and one not, but oh well). The other is for a quilt, It is a two part class and I think I will give the quilt to my mom for Christmas. I told Josh (the sweetest boyfriend to ever live...yes EVER) that my OCD gets in the way of my craft making and sewing...I tend not to start someting if I dont think I can finish it in the same sitting...tends to limit my creativity...but it is becuase I dont like to leave a mess (or more like things out of their proper place) ha ha...I have to work on that.

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